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What You Have To Do If Facebook Account Hacked?

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Social networking site Facebook has become a victim of the hacking. About five million users (user) account information has been occupied by a rogue hackers. In this situation, Facebook authorities gave three things to warn users.

Facebook said on Friday, affected five million account security has been ensured and more than four million accounts have been alerted. If anyone is worried about the security of his account then Facebook authorities have suggested three steps for them.

Please check the login device

The most efficient way to understand whether someone has entered your account is to see the login devices. Here you can see from where you logged in such as pc, mobile or tab, if you see any unknown device, click on the Removal button.

Go to the account settings option then you will see “Security and login” by clicking on that option you will find from which devices list you will be entered on Facebook. There you find date & time in many cases it will show locations also.If you see any unfamiliar device there that you did not enter on Facebook, ‘remove’ or logout.

You can change the password

Facebook says Affected accounts are risk-free.Therefore, there is no obligation to change someone’s password. However, if someone keeps a weak password or sees someone from a different device then they can change the password. Give a little complex kind of password. However, you can give the passwords with numbers and lowercase uppercase letters to make passwords complex. However, the number of passwords to complex capital and lowercase letters can match the password.

You can use Password Management App like LastPass. The critical issue is to remember the different complex passwords, might be good way to use this app.

Turn on ‘Two Factor Authentication’

Like many other sites, Facebook also has access to two levels verification system. It will not work in just passwords, after enter the password Facebook will send a code immediately with a message on your mobile phone, if you can enter that code, you can login to Facebook. Since you have your phone, then someone else can’t access to your account.

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